BREXIT no-deal , can to force the

02/01/2019 - 04:47

BREXIT no-deal , can to force the Britons Go-back in UK



Calm down peeps,We are not in a position to affect things(are we ?) enjoy life, deal with things when you can/have to. We live in a 'crater zone' 2+ years ago earthquakes had a shuddering impact on the area, some people have not started rebuilding yet. BUT they are coping, Brexit is nowt. What happened before the EU ??Br

before the eu, it was necessary to ask for a visa to leave the house, change the coin at each border, lose a lot of time, here and there from the bar - I remember the charlie point, at each passage, the VOPO practically disassembled the my car - now my passport has a larger number of blank pages, I have no coins that are confused with each other and I feel more free - But certainly no one can forbid those who are afraid of the dark, to turn, by day, with the candle lit.

I'm very calm 2019Brexit as it is all a pile of .... Brieit, Italy in recession, Donald in the white house.... I know what the article is saying Ugo, but there are many more Italians in the UK than the other way around. But really I totally agree with 2019Brexit "don't even think about it until it happens".

Steve ,I would have liked to have voted, if I were English - the EU, as it is, perhaps, is not perfect, but isolation, in the years to come, would still be worse, for any nation, than this world of ours must organize , the EU elections and retains all rights and duties of a member country of the EU.If the elections are not organized, the uk will actually leave the EU without any agreement