Buon giorno I am new to the site

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03/28/2019 - 09:53

Buon giorno I am new to the site as I'm in the process (finally) of applying for my Italian passport. In doing so I've become aware that I should have contacted them regarding heving got married and had a child in recent years. I see from their website I need to get the birth and marriage certificates verified (£30 each) and translated (was quoted £65 each earlier!!!). I'm going to be in Italy in May and wondered if I could just turn up with the cdrtificates and do that in the comune I'm registered in or do I have to shell out nearly £200 to do it via the Consulate? if I could do in Italy, even the whole process would probably work out cheaper.What about translating it myself? Will that be ok in the eyes of the Consulate. God forbid they ever let you do things the easy way. I see form the passport application form that my spouse needs to sign it where I add the details of our son.Any advice gratefully received.



Obviously you cant swear your own documents,  but I would get them legalised in the UK then bring them over and get them sworn here at the locala tribunal by someone Italian who speaks English.  The cost for each giuramento is 16 euros  plus 2 euros for every attachment, and you need to include the foorm and the photocopy of the translators id in that.   

Yes, I need them for the Italian passport application here in the UK. I was wondering what form the translation has to take - is it on a formal certificate or is it just a literal translation of the UK document, printed out on a computer which I could do at home? Also if i turned up at my comune or at the main govt building in Udine with all the relevant documents would i be able to do everything there, regiter the birth, marriage and apply for passport?

Bobby ,the translation of the document into a literal version with the translation of the stamps and dates, must be written by the translator who then takes it to the court, pays the rights, has the court stamp stamped and a brand of 16 euros, every 4 translation pages and the signature, in front of the person in charge - The sworn translator, in the Italian courts, is normally registered in a special register (list of translators). For the use you have to make of this document, I advise you to use a sworn translator who can demonstrate to, at the prefecture office, where you, then you will have to ask the apostille of the sworn document, to belong to the register of translators - A translation made at home, and sworn in court by a friend, even if endowed with apostille, may not be accepted by the offices of the Italian consulate ugo, by Lifeinitaly.it