I plan on visiting Italy for the

04/19/2019 - 06:32

I plan on visiting Italy for the first time later this year and can't make up my mind. I only have a week's vacation and I want to visit two cities and I can't decide between Milan, Venice and Rome or should I maybe try to squeeze them all in?



Ask yourself, which city offers most what you hope to experience. Rome is large, noisy, and wonderful! You could easily spend your entire week there, exploring the many sights and neighborhoods. You could take a day trip, if you desired to get away from the city. A world of history, art, architecture, ruins, etc. as you know.I've only been to Milan briefly, so I can't comment, although I do know it's the business capital. Venice, is a different world. Very atmospheric, with the canals, neighborhoods to get lost in. You could easily take day trips from there to Verona and Vicenza, and even perhaps to the Trento. A week is not much time, and the time of year of your vacation, plays a role, too. 

Hi,All depends on your expectaions. I can just give you a brief description of all of them under my point of view:Milan: business city, smog, meseums and few attractions to see. Very nice the city center (Duomo area). 2 to 3 days to see the most important areas. Good shopping ;)Rome: touristic, busy, good food only if you go to "not too touristic places" and many many attranctions, you need at least 3 days and a confortable pair of shoes. Venice: a floating city, very particular (no other cities in Italy are even similar to Venice), very expensive for tourists, be careful when you buy "Murrina" (tipical precious stone) which you can find at half or double price in different shops. You need one to two days here.I hope it's of help!