Hi folks,does anyone have experience of

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05/14/2019 - 05:00

Hi folks, does anyone have experience of this tax incentive for foreign buyers? http://www.mondaq.com/italy/x/780266/retirement+superannuation+plans+pensions+schemes/New+Italian+Tax+Regime+For+Foreign+Retired+PeopleIf it's as good as it looks, this transforms my worries about becoming a tax resident in Italy. Seven per cent flat tax on all foreign income for 5 years and no wealth tax is attractive.Look forward to hearing from you.Ciao,James



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Ugo,Many thanks. The second link is beyond my 'pay grade' :)  I have been looking at Portugal and the NHR fiscal regime. My discovery of the 7% scheme, only this morning, has settled my decision. It's Italia for me :)