Is anyone conversant with domestic

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05/20/2019 - 13:49

Is anyone conversant with domestic kitchen regulations (if such things exist in Italy!) in respect of where one can site, in a new kitchen, the bombola (the gas cylinder) which feeds the cooking hob?  Is there any restrictions and is there a min. size for the space the bombola may be placed in?



Don't know the legal rquirements, but whenever I've seen bombola used, they have always been placed outside the building [on balcony or ground level].  Having them inside the building is a recipe for disasterTalk to a Geometra, he/she would know the legalities.

Thank you!  The size of bombola I am referring to (I am unsure if you are?) is quite small and thus easily accommodated inside.. I have seen many inside here in Sicily.  I am being told there is a minimum space requirement (possibly a ventilation requirement?) for such installations?  But I believe nothing here unless there is written proof!  Any further help is appreciated!

I'm pretty sure in the region of Abruzzo at least (I suspect Italy in total) it is illegal to have them inside now. Saying that we have been to many places where they are under the sink next to the cooker. We were told 2-3 years back by our plumber we could not have the little gas bottle in the store down below the kitchen as it was not legal. After a little discussion he did however locate it in the store at the back of the house (North ).. WE in fact had two bottles put in with a double valve to ensure we always had a full bottle...

Nowadays you are meant to put them outside if you can.  If not you can put them indoors but not in a bedroom, showeroom or bathroom or garage, or in any room lower than the ground floor.If you put it in the kitchen the room must be more than 10 cubic metres.  You can have two tanks ofr 15 litres each if you have a kitchen of more than 20 cubic metres.