Buona giornata a tutti voi,with Brexit

06/10/2019 - 02:36

Buona giornata a tutti voi,with Brexit looming am I still able apply for dual nationality?...I had lived out in Italy and was married to an Italian for 15 years. I was given the opportunity then to apply for Citadinanza Italiana but being an EU citizen I felt that this wasn't necessary. In hindsight I wish I had applied. Any thoughts? I would be truly grateful.Melissa


if you are divorced, and your residence in Italy is at least 5 years old, it's been over for at least 2 years, I don't think you can ask for citizenship - But with an apartment to stay in, you still have time to ask for the elective residence

Ugo by Lifeinitaly.it

and I , Steve, am writing that if he divorced an Italian citizen, he can no longer apply for Italian citizenship, as the wife of an Italian citizen.but, since she looks like a beautiful woman, maybe she can marry another Italian citizen and ... have a good chance, to try again angel

Thank you Ugo and stevegwmonkseaton both for your replies. Somehow I have a feeling that I have to let go to the idea of being an Italian citizen - Such a shame when after 15 years I feel somewhat both Italian and English.With Brexit on the horizon I shall have to grin and face up to the fate. frown Melissa 

I think this feeling can be common to many - but then again, the best solution is to take the Elective Residence, BEFORE, the brexit and wait for the technical times to mature, to ask for citizenship - 4 years of legal residence , for EU citizens (obviously the elective residence blocks the Brexit results)more info > http://www.interno.gov.it/it/temi/cittadinanza-e-altri-diritti-civili/cittadinanzaanyway, remember :Volere è poco: bisogna desiderare ardentemente per raggiungere lo scopo. (Ovidio )  

Grazie mille Ugo per il tuo tempo e disponibilità. Lo apprezzo tantissimo.Purtroppo non ho più la domicilio di residenza in Italia - sono basato col lavoro e ho la residenza in Inghilterra ora.Ho sempre sentito un forte legame con Italia e mi sono sentito per scrivere qui sul questo Forum.   

Melissa , la residenza elettiva - non ti obbliga a spostare ne il lavoro ne il pagamento delle tasse - dovrai solo trovare un luogo dove vivere ai fini della RE , io ho diversi cliente in UK , nella tua medesima situazione di reddito e lavoro, che hanno la RE in Italia -  maggiori info qui http://www.lifeinitaly.it/Inglese/italyresidenceguide.htmhttp://www.lifeinitaly.it/Italiano/Residenzainitalia.htm

Hi MelissaIt's a long shot, but do you by any chance have any Irish ancestors?  My grandmother was Irish, so I applied for Irish citizenship and a passport immediately after the EU referendum. My sons now have it too.  My great grandmother on my father's side was Maltese, so we now have Maltese citizenship too.   I read somewhere that millions of British citizens are eligible (by ancestry) for Irish citizenship ... perhaps it's worth looking into.  There are few limits as to how many generations you can go back to find an ancestor who qualifies you, as long as you can show a direct line of birth certificates (easy to find online) leading down to you.  Fingers crossed!  

e cosa sono 400 anni . nei confronti dell'eternita' :) ?ma poi Molly , anche se ti qualifichi, sarai sempre solo una cittadina irlandese , se vuoi europea , mai Italiana , e per rimanere in Italia , oltre 90 giorni,la RE . rimane sempre l'unica alternativa - Quindi .. , avrai pure un amica , che ti offre ospitalità in Italia, per prendere la RE .. ORA !