ECOBONUS , for air conditioning , and

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ECOBONUS , for air conditioning , and more ....  



Interesting Ugo. I will check with my company to see how true this info is, as a far as I was aware alot of the savings were reduced some years ago. But we have only been involved in geothermal since 1999, so we may not be as up to date as a multimedia type outlet.

Yes, very complicated as everything here. What I cannot see is the tax situation to claim for a geothermal type situation. In the early days you could offset your tax bill for a renewable source heating to cover roof insulation, double glazing etc. I had one client whose installation costs were halved on this.We only paid 4% on our renovation costs here, so happy with that!!You may like to read through this, where I give advice to UK people about gshp systems, there are only about about a thousand conversations, mainly not related to Italy, but interesting questions and answers.

Well, certainly between UK and Italy there are differences, you have to think that Italy produces most of the energy it consumes from oil, which it does not have. while the UK, has always had the raw material to produce energy (coal, oil .. then nuclear) and this certainly makes a lot of difference - on the other hand, instead the photovoltaic in Italy, d sure from better results, here 'c 'is greater insolation in longer periods of the year. Even the Geothermal energy, which however is little used, would give excellent results - The fact is that there are private interests that have hindered new technologies - but now it seems that even here, we are taking the right path - with regard to complexity, well .. what do you want .. WE are Italians! :)interesting forum .. 

Just another insight into energy. When we said we were having a geothermal system here, the geometer, asked where is the gas tank going? so, we have 2x47kg ones for the oven hob, which last about a year each and the 50 quintale of wood we ordered 12 years ago is only 50% used, as we may only need a fire if a long power cut, or maybe at Natale.....seems good to me.

It is always interesting to have these sort of conversations Ugo, as it does give a insight into many things. We did not want PV as they are not condusive to old houses, so ok we have a 15Kw electricity supply, which is high for Italy, but it means we can run many appliances without the power cutting out. So the total bill for everything here is about 2k per year.It was quite funny when we met a lot of farmers at the house one day and they asked what the pipes were coming into the heating room and we told them the ground was heating the house and the hot water.

well of course 15 kw is very unusual, and I can't understand what they really need, I have a cntina in harvest, with all the electrical equipment in operation (treadmill, sockets, pumps, filters, coolers) never exceeds the absorption of 6 kw three-phase

VERY GOOD NOTICEmy accountant confirms that the ECOBONUS, can also be used by non-Italians, who have an elective residence in Italy

translation of the article adnkronosPublished on: 18/06/2019 16:27Cool without putting a hand on the wallet: the 2019 air conditioner bonus arrives, to cool off with the help of an air conditioner in a convenient way. By purchasing an air conditioner, a dehumidifier or a heat pump it is in fact possible to benefit from some tax breaks.A deduction of 65% is envisaged for air conditioners with high energy efficiency heat pumps that replace the existing heating system or the air conditioning system. The citizen or the company is entitled to a deduction from personal income tax with a cost ceiling of € 46,154. The deduction is instead of 50% for a new heat pump system that aims to save energy and with a restructuring, even extraordinary. The maximum expenditure is € 96,000 until December 31, 2019. To be able to request the deduction, using the 730 and Unico model, the purchase of the air conditioner must be performed with traceable payments. Receipts and invoices are valid as tax records to be kept. But other facilities are also provided. If an energy-saving machine is purchased or an old heat pump system is replaced, the VAT goes down from 22% to 10%. But be careful, the fee will be halved only for the cost of the air conditioner and the installation. The ecobonus also allows reducing the costs incurred for fixtures, condensing boilers or class A biomass, solar shading to 50%.

Thanks Ugo.As with everything you cannot keep up with all the changing laws here!! I know I only paid 10% vat on my heat pump 15 years ago, so if it has been introduced again that is good.