Hello,I am interested in purchasing a

06/10/2019 - 11:42

Hello,I am interested in purchasing a very small property  (25 sq m) in Umbria and was told by the agent that it is stacked in c2 and considered a warehouse and not a dwelling. Will this be very time consuming and difficult to get permission to convert it to a hotel room sized apartment? Also, the agent has delayed in responding to me because I think it is not worth their time to sell it to me. Is there a recommendation for an agent and notary in Umbria who can help me obtain this small dwelling?Best Regards,Tina 



Yes Tina ,you have from the real estate agent the < atto di provenienza > (= seller title of property) and certificato catastale ? - the restoration of the 25 sqm , is from what date  ?     

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I'm sad to say I do not have any of that. Here is the response:Good evening Mrs. TinaI am writing to you about your request to purchase our property in Vallo di nera for € 9,000.00. The property is still for sale but I have to warn you that it is stacked in c2 so it appears as a warehouse and not as a dwelling.Let me know if you could still be interested,eventually I can send you links of our other properties for sale of small size also to Spoleto.I await your newsWhen I wrote back, I asked for updated pictures and a full address but no response. Thank you,Tina

ok tomorrow i try of to call him - you have a car to drive to the home ? - there are about 22 km of road from Spoleto, I don't know that there is a bus that regularly serves that country - Certainly, the real estate agent knows that if the house is not in compliance with building regulations, it cannot be sold - Tomorrow however, if he answers, we'll know if he's a good boy or not - you have an email address ? 

Hi Ugo, I live in the States but I am happy to come back over to check out the property if we find out that it is available. That would be very kind of you, thank you. If it is a legit property, I will be happy to find out more. 

thank you . Tina , now - you can delete the e-mail address from this page - to save it a spammers - i already copy it - and use it to give you private information , about property and Real Estate agent - the other info, about purchase feasibility - i post here , according community guidelinessurely if the property do not have the minimum internal height of 280 cm, it will be practically impossible to have the habitability and  buy ita as a living home - 

Hello Tina -I talked right now with Mrs. Mara, from the real estate agency - she says she received an e-mail from you in which you set out that the house is too modern for you and that you don't care to buy it - So Ms. Mara does confusion with another client, or you have misunderstood - He also told me that the house (as you define it) is a cellar, stacked, in the urban land register, in category C2, with a maximum height of 220 centimeters and therefore not can never be transformed into a home - He also told me that he will write to you, another day's e-mail, to ask you if you want to buy, this LOCAL, in the state in which it is located, namely, cadastral category -C2 - Cellar 

Why would you want to put yourself in so much trouble for a place that is not even considered a dwelling? If €9000 is all you can afford there are still a few places around for about that price and a bit above that need renovating but are actual dwellings . Look on idealista.it.