Hello everyone, I am living in the

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06/18/2019 - 12:10

Hello everyone, I am living in the countryside in the north of Rome in a house with 2.5 hectares of land and would like to explore the idea of starting a small smart camping site using shepherds huts or yurt like tents for the glamping site.  I was wondering firstly if I would need any permission to put these on my property and secondly has anyone in the community had any experience of this kind of business and would be willing to share any advice / learnings with me.  Many thanks.  Janine



Yes you will need permissions,  either as a campsite or as agrocamping.   They vary from region to region but you will probably need to fence your entire property,  install (if allowable) a bathroom and toilet block,  and so on.   Look for Lazio's tourist rules on the web - regione Lazio will have something on its website.

Dear Modicasa, thank you for replying so promptly.  I have been looking on the Regione Lazio web site but don't seem to be able to find anything about tourist rules.  I know my Italian is not brilliant, so was wondering if you could help me with what I should search under, as I have obviously missed it.  Many thanks again.

http://www.regione.lazio.it/prl_turismo/?vw=documentazioneDettaglio&id=3266plus the links therein.  You will need a geometra or professional to handle the paperwork, at the least the SCIA.  In fact it would be better to get a geometra on boardwho hasexperience in usch things, and they can tell you how much, how long and what you need to do.  

Dear Modicasa, thank you for replying so promptly again.  I follow the link that you kindly sent and have found everything.  After reading the web site it seems like a huge task but we will speak to a geometra that we know and see where it leads us.  Fingers crossed for a good result!  Thank you so much for you help and advice.  Kindest regards, Janine