HiI will be visiting in October and one

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06/29/2019 - 19:17

HiI will be visiting in October and one of my stops will be in Rome as I have a postal italia passbook from 1939 that was my mothers and I need to see what I need to do to redeem it.  Does anyone else from the US have any  experience with this or can anyone from Italy give me some advice?



That is going to be a challenge. My advice is to do some prep trip research starting by contacting the Italian post office service via poste.it site and using the Scrivici button to contact them in words. Ultimately if it is viable you will need to prove you are the hier. Good luck.

the book will be in Italian liras - and 80 years have passed since 1939 - I strongly advise you to have it framed and hang it on a wall of your house, as a rare and expensive memory - The prescription in Italy is 20 years.