Ciao,I have an appointment with the

09/06/2019 - 14:04

Ciao,I have an appointment with the Italian Consulate in 2 weeks, I have everything I need, then I discover to my dismay that the health insurance coverage in my retirement package has changed since I retired and I no longer have insurance in Italy. In a bit of a panic now, as I must have proof of insurance coverage to apply for my permanent residence visa. Can you recommend an insurance company I can get a policy asap? Thank you so much for your answers.



Ciao Catie ,If i remember well you do not are a  Us citizens , and have residence Elective in Itay .You need a real operative healt coverage or "only"  an low price insurance coverage, for obtain a reneval of  residence permit ?In any case the retirement  insurance, surely do not  is approved for obtain italian Permit to stay , reneval - The law ask  - ONLY FOR ITALY HEALT INSURANCE -  

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Ciao, UgoDo you know of an insurance company I can contact? I am back in the States now and I have my appointment on September 17th.. thank you Katie