commercialista near San Ginesio, MC

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03/22/2011 - 10:33

Can anyone recommend a commercialista near San Ginesio, Marche. I need advice on ICI and have seen references to this costing about 20 euro to make an ICI return whereas I have been quoted 250 euro.



I have owned a house just outside of Tolentino for around 7 years.  Last year I was told by an English neighbour that as I owned a property in Italy I had to file an Italian tax return form (even though I am not a resident in Italy, don't work in Italy or have any income in Italy and am tax resident in the UK) Never having filed a tax return before, I got all of this checked out by Michael J Murphy of Marche Enterprises Ltd (email : ) - who will give advice and take care of any returns needed, including payment of ICI. Italian income taxes are due on the cadastral income that they generate on the property -   (it is an amount that you would find on your contract when you bought the house).  If the income on your contract exceeds E500 then tax is payable at the rate of 25%. I contacted him late last year and the firm has taken care of everything - I cannot rate him highly enough. You will find other references to him on this site.

Thank you all. I have actually received an invoice for ICI - it appears different Communes address in different ways. The 250 euro quote I received was definitely for managing the payment although also included management of utility bills but I still think it was grossly overstated. I will follow up the recommendation to M Murphy who I have seen reference to before.

Paying ICI is quite easy - you can print out the form here and this form calculates the amount for you although I am a bit confused that it talks about abitazione principale because I did think that if it was your principal residence and not classed a  luxury property there was now none to pay. I believe if you are non resident you do still pay. We pay in cash at the post office every December and they are very helpful if you have filled the form in incorrectly. You may need an Italian speaker to help you with the website but a charge of 250€ is exorbitant, did it possibly include an income tax return for the cadastral value too? Am