Hi guysI have moved to piemonte

10/16/2019 - 14:23

Hi guys

I have moved to piemonte north Italy and have my Japanese Toyota Alphard 3.0 V6 RHD with me. This car was imported into the UK and registered with uk number plate.

Now in Italy I'm being told I cant register a RHD (by a motoring agency) another said I need a coc certificate from Toyota in Japan.

Can someone give me an A B C of what I need to do here as I'm reading so many conflicting comments and the authorities are telling me a load of nonsense.

I am now an italian resident too.

Thank you.



Lasciate ogni speranza o voi che entrate !For have italian plate of Usa Mercedes , importede from Usa in Spain , and from Spain in Italy - for my clients - we spent 8 months, and many, many, many money- .if the car has been produced in a country outside the EU, the coc from the UK - will not be recognized as valid by the Italian motorization offices, and the car will not be registered.Mercedes Italia, was very useful, providing us, in about 3 months, the certificate of American origin, translated into Italian and certified by Mercedes Italy.Then we lost a lot of time finding an agency, with the technical knowledge and willingness to take charge of the request of registration.It was necessary to submit the car to testing, and wait, after testing, for 38 days to get the booklet, which together with the Italian plates, arrived this morning.I recommend a lot of attention in checking the documents that will be delivered to you by the car production company. Sometimes Italian translators from car manufacturers carry out translations - which literally make them cry - in our case the term "Gasolina" has been translated with the Italian term GASALIO - needless to say, we had to ask for the substitution of the document, with an increase in time lost.Another problem is buying a motor liability insurance (compulsory in Italy), at a price, HUMAN - I recommend getting a certificate of good driving behavior from the company that insured the car in the UK. This way you get a discount voucher, since this certificate is missing, as the driver does not have a "driving history" in Italy, his rate will be the highest availablebuona fortuna !  

We went to a motorn agency (third party) they called toyota Italy and they said they are not able to issue a "coc" because it's from Japan.

However this car has already been authorised for eu standards by the uk....its entered the UK been adapted (fog light) for uk roads and issued number plate by dvla and MOT certificate.

Surely now in Italy it's not japanese import it's uk import in terms of paper work?

Yes it's a japanese manufactured car by paperwork wise its coming from the UK.

Probably, there were no problems in the UK, because driving is on the right, as well as in Japan,However, do not trust the car sales agency in Italy, their interest could be, that you are NOT able to register your car in Italy, and they will be happy to sell you a new toyota, registered by them in Italy, with left-hand drive.Then, are you really sure, that driving in Italy, a car with right-hand drive, will be pleasant and comfortable for you?  

No it's not new, it's a used vehicle imported from japan only a handful are in the uk and mine is the only one in the whole of Italy....I'm rather attached to it and would like to keep it.

Driving on the right doesn't bother me at all I prefer it here actually apart from overtaking a lorry.

It's an unusual car which attracts alot of attention due to its looks, I'm starting a marketing agency so wanted to use this car as an advertising tool. I also own a converted vintage London taxi which is now an espresso bar (also having issue with this vehicle as the company who made it no longer exist)

I went to the italy automobile club office in cuneo they said nothing can be done for both vehicles especially the taxi as it has espresso machine inside along with gas tank, water tank etc and they are not listed on my uk log book (which it wouldn't be) they dont list these on uk log book.

I did not mean that it is new (ahh, my English from google ...), but that the Toyota dealer in Italy has no interest in helping you to register a car you already own in Italy. While it will certainly be, very interested to prove to you, that your car cannot be registered. and that you will have to buy a new one from LUiWith regards to the ACI offices, do not expect any help from them, the employees who work there are the worst bureaucrats in Italy, their only inter-interest is to arrive on the 27th of each month, the day on which they receive their salary.instead try to contact this agency, which deals with the registration of foreign cars in Italy>Agenzia GAMMAVia dei Mille, 1347838   RICCIONE (RN)tel - 0541.606002 > https://www.agenziagammariccione.it/