Hello, I'm seeking information for

10/30/2019 - 07:59

Hello, I'm seeking information for a new roof in Piedmonte, and if there are any government assistance programs for restoring rustic roofs in italy.We rescently purchased a small rustic in the village of Exilles in the Piedmonte area. I'm still trying to understand all the rules in the commune, but it is evedent that I need a new roof. I thought maybe I could repair it, but after gaining access to view it's clear a new roof is needed. In the small commune of Exilles we are in the old quarter and it seems the code is very strict on the kind of tiles or stone slate you can use. There are many rustics (the definition used to define a property that is not currently inhabited) in the village and our quote for a new roof from a local is close to 500 euro a square meter. At 36 meters for the roof, that seems pretty expensive, but this is for very thick and heavy stone tiles.  Can anyone assist me in understanding if you can recieve any assistance from the governement to fix up these old rustics in villages? Does anyone have infor on where I can gain info on roofing contactors in the Susa area of Piedmonte? thanks for your feedback.  #LivinginExilles  



Hello Skian, There is without doubt the national wide tax incentive for all refurbishment works, and there may be more local one that refers to the traditional old buildings in your specific area. You will need an accountant to steer you through the bureaucracy and I am afraid it will not be money that is given to you prior to carrying out the works, but rather you pay for the works and for the next ten years you can get a discount from the Tax you pay - OBVIOUSLY you need to be paying tax in Italy in the ten years following the refurbishment, often foreigners miss out on this type of tax break because they do not pay much tax in Italy.  I hope that this info is not really bad news for you. There are also similar tax discounts to be had for sustainable / energy saving Insulation and or Windows and or Plant.I am an architect and we always advise our clients to get advice direct from an accountant for dealing with Tax incentives as they are always changing the rules and they will not recognize your expense if it is not registered in the special way that they want the invoices to be paid. The roof you describe sound heavy duty stone roofing, which is quite specialist and due to the stone being heavy it will require a hefty structure and of course the stone does not come cheap, the price per sqm sound double to that of a normal roof .....But I would have thought that there is alot of stone and other stuff of the existing roof that could be re-used in the existing roof. An intelligent approach to the new roof could save you alot of money, the trouble is most Builders find it easier to build all from scratch as they run no risks doing so and deliver a guaranteed product, but it is expensive. For finding roofers the best bet is to ask in local bars - you will need to have good Italian to get anywhere.The Best of Luck.