09/15/2011 - 01:57

AGI) Rome - Out of a total of 13,500 checks on receipts issued in Rome, Jan to Aug, tax police report fines in 51pc of cases. According to latest reports, out of a total of close to 6,300 fines issued, 1,162 relate to full receipts and 5,137 relate to till receipts. With checks conducted throughout the Province of Rome, tax police report a 67.71pc incidence for full receipts and a 55.18pc incidence for till receipts in the City of Rome alone. . .Who actually gets fined, the shop or the customer ?S


In the bar of the local village, you never get a receipt. There is no menu with prices, and no price list for beverages. If you have a cappuccino you just leave 1€ on the counter. I have a feeling all this is illegal- am I right?

There has been a concerted campaign (particularly in Rome, and particularly by bars) in recent days as a protest against austerity measures. That the police have decided to align themselves with Berlusconi strikes me as a bit sad.

An Italian friend who had lived in US for many years, left a bar in N Italy leaving the receipt on the counter. GdF were outside and she was fined for not having the receipt with her - no idea whether the bar was fined but she, the custommer, certainly was.

On the other hand, I see it as a positive move. One of Italy's biggest problems is the amount of black money that cannot be detected and, in times of need, the country requires those taxes which are avoided. It is interesting to notice that I pay for my cappuccino the same amount that Karen pays for hers; however, I am certain that the money I pay also pays its taxes while, in her case, she cannot be certain of that. The price, as I said, is exactly the same. I agree that Mr B and many government members are not good examples regarding tax payments and transparency.... on the other hand, a firmer hand by the Police may help in dismantling the submerged economy which does nothing for the country. I am not blaming Italy alone, in Spain we have a similar problem.