The sale on our mill fell through so we

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08/12/2019 - 05:57

The sale on our mill fell through so we have decided to keep it and rent it out on Homeaway for short stays to 15 days max. We rented a few years ago but wanted to check if the rules have changed, particularly tax collection. Can we pay the tax in uk where we live and where we arrange the bookings? We have registered with the police and will send all passport details of guests to them. Any other new requirements we must observe. 



14 dacapo,Renting a home, to people who pay in Italy, means producing income in Italy, taxes on income produced in Italy must be paid to the Italian state. I STRONGLY recommend that you find an Italian accountant who will follow you. Every year you file your tax return in Italy, denouncing the possession of a house in Italy, you pay IMU and the waste tax .... True?

The house is in Italy, so according to the Italian state, you earn in Italy and pay tax in Italy.  Now the websiteofthepolice is llinked to the taxoffice and your local comune, they will know if and how you pay the tax. As Ugo says, get a commercialista and pay your tax here. 

see other thread - We rented our mill out a few years ago. It's marginal the money you may make, but we were happy to have the place occupied when we were not there. You pay for - (if lettings are less than 30 consecutive days periods)- approx costs 2017online agency registration ( or AirBNB etc )Cleaner, gardener, handiman (when necessary) meet and greeter. - €40 pwAnnual decoration costs ( we did it each spring)House insurance - for letting - get quoteTax - 23% approx on earnings received.  Patronata €120 (to calculate tax due - cheaper than commercialista) also calculates IMU tax due.Gas, Elec and water services + phone/internet access + logs for evenings sometimes. - €35 pw approxreplacements and breakages. House maintenance costs eg roof repairs, elec cut outs etc.register and keep records etc.hope that helps a little. Marginal profit made which goes towards the upkeep.Good luck!