Taxes and municipal expensesHi allI

11/27/2019 - 04:47

Taxes and municipal expensesHi allI have been trying to determine, roughly, what my yearly expenses will be owning a house in Cuneo province.I plan to use the house as a prima casa and live in Italy full time.Am I correct in assuming that Taxes and municipal expenses won't be much more than 1,000 euros a year or thereabouts? The house in question would cost about 40,000 euros. 



You will have IMU/TASI to pay until the day you become officially resident with the comune (i.e. according to the date on their letter). Note even a few day/weeks in the payment year you need to find out what is owed and pay it. They will not chase you for it, but will likely come back 4-5 years later with the addition of a hefty fine…For TARI (rubbish) it will be payable most likely before and certainly after residency. This depends on the size house, this site here is available for the calculation. It has another tab for IMU-TASI, but for that you need the rendita values from your deed of sale.

Thank you fot your reply. It's a helpful calculator.Would anyone like to share their own experiences, expenses perhaps, so I could get an idea of what the true number is likely to be?I am only in the planning stages, but a reasonable idea of monthly/yearly expenses is vital to that planning, so I would appreciate any numbers you could throw at me. 

When you get down to detail, it will depend on your lifestyle. We have in the past went back and forward to the UK and Italy running a house in both. In general it cost us a lot less to live in Italy, but we drink a lot of winecheeky (I could have said grow more veg there) and it cheap in Italy. Seriously, your lifestyle will make a lot of difference, as will exactly where you end up e.g. with town gas or without, or access to a lot of free fire wood, grow you own veg, have chickens etc…

Oh dear I see, it is still only the house tax, bit easier then (or is it)! The calculation for your house tax (exc rubbish tax TARI) is based on a value for each part of the building(s) and different types of land (categoria/tipologia). Based on these values entered into the calculation site I give you will give you the amount. It is house specific, you can’t simply get “an idea of the cost” based on the price you pay and the area. Think of the UK rateable value 10-100 times more complex. At the moment it could be nothing if once you are resident, should things change (they often do here), then it could be as little as a couple of 100 or 1500 or more. Oh and yes, to an extent, it does depend on your lifestyle i.e. they have a luxury type for these “categoria/tipologia”.