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06/29/2009 - 09:04

 It is official, the old Casino in Bagni di Lucca is reopening its doors after many years; however, it is going to be a modern version, more "little Las Vegas" style than its elegant and exclusive predecessor. The venue will be the same, and it is a beautiful building. The Comune seems to be very happy about it and they have published the news in their own Web Page. All authorisations and licenses have been duly obtained and they are supposed to be opening doors very soon. There are three more casinos to be open in Italy; however, I will post about all of these through a different thread. Here are the news from the "Comune":, the Comune will be happy to receive some extra revenue. By the way, the Bagni di Lucca Casino was the first to open its doors in Europe and, according to tradition, it was the place where the game of "roulette" was invented.For many years, Bagni di Lucca has been trying to reopen its doors and in 1981 the then Mayor and quite a few people were arrested and charged when they tried to "restart" it without a  proper



The regeneration of Ponte Serreglio will be well on it's way when the new Foot Bridge opens as well. New Casino and Bridge to throw yourself off when you loose......LOL

Hi Gromit, I think that they are going to see if the place is successful and later on they are going to tackle the conversion of "Villa Fiori" into a much larger casino, as they intended. I was told about those plans by some neighbours, but they always pointed out that the main problem was the licence. Well, now they have it and they can see how profitable the venture really is. If you have the time and you can find out more information please let us know, we cannot go to Bagni until early September. Not knowing much about the project my position is "open minded" but I tend to think that the new initiative could be very beneficial to the area. It is an extra facility and this always helps. I also read that the public swimming pools are already operating. They are great and they also use thermal water, which is an extra benefit as those waters are renown for their quality. 

 Any idea when the footbridge will actually open for use? each time we come over we think 'it's got to be open now' but no! we're back in 3 weeks - what are the chances? Would love to see Villa Fiori renovated it's a beautiful building and deserves the chance to show it's charms again.

 I would also love to see the Villa renovated. It is a beautiful building with a great location (on the river) and the gardens are superb. The Casino is also a remarkable building; however, I tend to think that it is a bit small in size for the new casino (I should call it "Kursaal" , as this is the new name they will be using). As for the bridge, perhaps Gromit or some of the other neighbours can give us an update. I am not going back there until September. Lucky you!!!!!

Not at all sure when it will be open, as I drive past it most days. It appears finished except for where it meets the pavement; but am keeeping a weather eye out in the Comune news to when they announce a date. I think the Villa will take a while yet, as rumores say that the Comune is very short of cash this year.....hence the 'Frana' on our road not fixed 8 months after the event.Will keep you posted .. G

 I would agree with you in that the Villa will take some time. And as I said before, they will be watching what happens with the Casino. Most "comuni" are short of funds as I do not think that the partial abolition of the ICI has been replaced by other subsidies. Also, the weather was not too good this winter - as it has been the case in many places throughout Europe - and roads were severely affected by this. I am sure that they will fix it soon.Another interesting development regarding the Comune di Bagni di Lucca is that they recently answered a letter from my husband asking them for their bank details (IBAN/SWIFT) so that we could organise payments through transfers. Amazingly, they have forwarded those details. Last time, we asked for them personally and they said that it was not possible.... Obviously, the new "sindaco" is modernising their structures.  This is great for those of us who do not permanently live in the area.

Hi Gala, Have just returned from Lunigiana and was also amazed to find that we could now pay our ICI through direct debit which is wonderful as we had to use an agent and they were quite expensive. Is it true that the taxes in all Comunes have been reduced as both my husband and myself usually pay ICI for each of us and so far we have only received one bill......Haven't tried to pay the ICI by direct debit yet, need to have my full wits about me I think, However, if you have how did you get on? 

That sounds wonderful paying yourselves to the Commune.  We tried many times to find out how to do it, 7 years on we are nowhere nearer managing it - until now.....

How did you go about getting the bills and paying them, were they sent by email?  We pay an accountant then the agent, so it’s costing quite a lot but at least it’s paid.  But if we can do it ourselves we would love to.  Any help would be appreciated.

 Hi, as far as we know, if the property is under joint names, you should have received two bills (check whether the bill received has the two names mentioned in it). I have not heard of a reduction on the ICI, only that it has been abolished for your principal residence if you are an Italian resident.To organise direct debit, you have to contact your Italian bank, sign a special form and send a copy of the form to the Comune or provider of services. But generally, you have to do this before the invoice or bill arrives. At this stage, you would be better off sending an electronic transfer if you have the Comune's bank details. You will also have to send a copy of the transfer receipt together with a letter explaining what the payment is all about to the Comune. And keep all receipts at hand, just in case there are any mistakes made.I hope that this will help. 

At last all things have come together and the refurbished Casino and the New Footbridge will be opening today 08/08/09. The Casino will have tables for Blackjack etc and a Roulette Table plus the addition of premium Slot Machines. The Opening Ceremony is Tonight at 19.00, and should be a grand affair.Note the Tourist Information office/Internet point has relocated to the main street in Bagni Di Lucca just down from the Commune Office.

Thanks for the info, Gromit. I am glad that they have at least one roulette table as I was fearing that it was going to be all slot machines and, bearing in mind that the roulette game was invented in the old Bagni di Lucca casino, they had to have one. A pity that we cannot be there for the opening because it must be an interesting event to attend.I believe that moving the Tourist Office to a place near the Comune is a good idea. It was a bit lost at the old Casino. Certainly, they will not have room for it now as the building is not very big and the new casino will be taking up all the space available.It will be interesting to watch how it all develops.

I must agree with you, the old style Casino was a better choice, at least aesthetically speaking; however, I do not know whether it was a feasable option. It does not look like if the Casino is getting the success they expected. Very late opening hours, expensive entrance fee.... Besides, wrong economic times, I think.

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