Has anyone installed their own air-conditioning?  Do we need

08/30/2020 - 16:20

Has anyone installed their own air-conditioning?  Do we need special permissions or can we purchase our own unit and install it ourselves?

We're still waiting on quotes from tradespeople (still waiting and hopeful for one we saw a couple of weeks ago, not hopeful at all for the one we saw a whole year ago) but we want to be ready to be able to avoid overnight room temperatures of 30 degrees next summer.  We do a lot of DIY work already such as putting new drains in, repairing roofs, replacing floors from the floor joists upwards so are not put off by the physical work involved but wondered if there was a technical or other advantage to leaving it to the professionals.



You can no longer put in aircon yourselves.  Since last September there are new laws in place which require a specialist to fit it, and then be checked by another bloke - itll cost you about 300 euros, plus the staffe etc. 

OK thank Modicasa.  I did read the part about the the new laws and the extra charges in your book but still wondered about the fitting.

We will get someone in (hopefully, if they actually want the work!) but how and when do the authorities actually carry out checks to see what has/hasn't been done?