Buongiorno tutti. We have owned a home in Ficulle for

03/11/2021 - 10:50

Buongiorno tutti.  We have owned a home in Ficulle for about 5 years.  Our caretaker and his wife have recently told us they will no longer be able to care for our home.  So we are in need of help to clean, care for our 80 vines, 30 very young olive trees, take care of the lawn, plants welcome guests, and field any problems at the house.  A tall order, but surely there are trustworthy people that need work.  Please get in touch if you know of anyone.  Grazie



Good morning,

My husband and I just moved in Orvieto 2 months ago. I am a landscape architect and interior designer. We speak English, French, Italian and I am pretty good in German.

If you still need to find someone to take care of the property and welcome guests or for any work you can. Contact me.