I would like to know if anyone has been successful

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03/06/2021 - 16:46

I would like to know if anyone has been successful in growing lemon trees in Piedmont? We are @ 600 meters elevation, south of Alba. We will use terra cotta pots, and have a micro climate area next to our stables. Full sun all day with 1 meter thick limestone surrounding area. Stephen




We are located at about 600m in Piedmonte. Have planted a couple of lemon trees, both in the ground in sheltered spots.

All our local friends have recounted tales of various failures by relatives etc trying to grow them but all in pots, not in the ground. 

We have covered them for the winter with agricultural fleece and a local friend has stopped by to cheat the worst of the heavy snow off. 

This is the first winter and hopefully we will get back over there soon.

Covid dependant. 


Regards and best of luck


We have recently received some photos of our lemon trees and alas they appear very dead. I understand they had a very severe frost in spring and some periods of intense cold over the winter that seems to have been too much for the trees. 

I am planning to get over in July so will inspect carefully for any signs of growth but...... 

I hope you had more luck you are further south so hopefully slightly milder winter.

We are just between Varallo and Alagna.