The Covidvaccine certificates showing on the NHS App are now

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08/15/2021 - 11:18

The Covid vaccine certificates showing on the NHS App are now recognised by the Italian Green Pass scanning system. But make sure you show your second vaccine bar code as the first one creates a fail. If you want to check, down load the VericaC19 App and scan your bar code  

Hopefully this will make a life a bit easier. 



Thank for the information. 

One question  - the reference to vaccine bar codes, is this on the new NHS Covid Pass, or is it on something else? 

(Just had message from NHS that the Covid Pass is now available,  both electronic and paper version)

We found the bar codes on our NHS App. 
under Get Your NHS Covid Pass- Travel- Covid Records Found- Details (use the second bar code).

I was amazed it worked although we e not been asked to show it in italy yet - just in France on the way down.  

We have printed copies but not tried to use them yet  


Yes- 5 days quarantine. Next review 31st August. Although our daughter has just finished her 5 days and nobody contacted her to check. They had their day 6 test st a local pharmacy but weren’t sure why they bothered as no one had asked them about it. We are on Day 3 of isolation but quite happy as the sun is shining! 

Glad to see that the Italian 5 day quarantine requirement for UK citizens who are double jabbed will stop on Tuesday - just get a COVID19 test within 48 hours of arrival.

Hopefully we'll get there this year.

I thought the test had to be taken within 48 hours prior to arrival in Italy? I too would love to get to Italy this year but would prefer to drive as I enjoy it and I have stuff to take but that means trying to organise a test in France or cross France with a one nighter. I do envy the easier travel within most of the EU for double vaccinated.



We managed to do the drive to italy with an overnight stop. We had a test at 14.30 in U.K. with the results back same day. Caught Eurotunnel early the following morning. Stopped overnight in France near the Swiss border and made it into italy before tge 48 hour deadline.  

We used Collinson at their drive in test centre near Gatwick. Use the code BA20OFF to get a discount. 

You can get BA discounts with other test providers through this link - it’s not just for BA passengers

We had our test at Bologna railway station and it was free- you hang around for about 10 minutes to get the results. Results provided in both paper and email form- in English. Organised by Italian Red Cross at major stations. It was an antigen test. We chose this route as the pharmacies we enquired at referred us to private clinics charging around €90.  

We have booked to go to Tuscany in two weeks.  Can anyone who has been recently tell me if it is possible to do all the necessary forms without a smart phone?  We only have an old iphone that doesn't do internet.  We do have a newish ipad though.  I'm hoping we can manage with that if we find somewhere with wi fi to use it.  My husband and I are technophobic senior citizens!

Others have recent experience so this is a starter for ten.

  Green pass equivalent -You can phone up for a paper copy of your vaccination status and get an attached Italian translation all free and it is accepted as the EU equivalent of the green pass. Ours took 2 working days. You can also download off the internet, all via NHS app.

  Italian locator form - can be downloaded and then completed by hand. Available if you search 'locator form travel to Italy' and choose site.

In our experience in italy they scan the bar code and aren’t interested in any instructions. If the scanner rejects the QR code you wouldn’t be allowed in. The scanner rejected my paper copy but accepted my sister’s (not sure why) but it accepted my code on the NHS app. Suggest you have both the paper and  App version. 

Yes, we have had our NHS App QR code scanned by the Verica App to gain access to events and to board a train and it worked fine. I downloaded the VericaC19  app myself and checked that it worked with my husband’s NHS app. Make sure you use the QR code for the 2 vaccination. 

I am currently on a train into Italy and my NHS QR code is recognising me but saying there is an issue. As it stands I will not be allowed in, even though they can see the doses of vaccine on my app. Has this happened to anyone else??

Do you have any paper evidence of your vaccines? Or I don’t suppose you ever took a photo of the QR code- that is usually accepted. 
Do you know if the problem is that the QR code has expired? It automatically renews but maybe you need to refresh the App. 
How frustrating.