I would like to paint / cover over / do something with

06/02/2022 - 06:17

I would like to paint / cover over / do something with our internal house stairs.  I'm not sure whether they are made from travertine or marble or something else similar to that but I would like to do change how they look.

Has anyone ever changed the appearance of their stairs and what did you use?



An Italian friend bought a house where the stone/marble stairs had been covered with stuck down carpet tiles.  

He had great fun removing them.

(They didn't look that bad, to me)

I think it's called terrazzo.

If you are really sure you can use a primer first that's called zinssler bin. It's bullet proof so you best be sure. Oh and easier to throw away the brushes after,  too tough to clean. 

:) OK, just making sure because not only do I feel bad about changing the stairs but we also have several religious pictures and crosses left in the house by the previous owner that I need to find another home for!  I don't want to display them but I don't know what I can do with them!  I know I should have asked the house seller to take them but I didn't :(