A question for those people who have a garden at

06/27/2022 - 10:47

A question for those people who have a garden at their holiday home, do you actively grow any flowers or plants or vegetables?

I'm wondering what I can grow given that I won't be there to water the plants over the hot summer months?  The wild grasses and weeds seem to grow just fine but I feel like any plants I put in won't last over the dry season, just like my poor lemon tree.



I have given up on buying plants, I just weed and cut the rough grass. We have found that some herbs such as rosemary, sage seem to be able to survive as well as a rose. If you have a well you could set up a timer with buried hose, assuming that doesn't breach any rules.

Thanks Tony. We have got a well and apart from peering down into its depths every now and then, I'd never thought about actually using the water in there so thanks for the nudge there :)    Next thought to jump into my head is we'll need to construct a bucket on a rope to get the water out, any original bucket and pulley system has long gone from this well.

I have an electric pump in my garage that only triggers to draw water from the well when I open the tap to water the garden or wash the bikes. We don't use the well for drinking water. I am not a keen gardener but I know that I could put a timer on the tap to water the garden once a week in the evening using the pierced hose the previous owner buried around the garden. Either way worth using the well for utility and it stops the water becoming stagnant.