Hello all, I am looking for advice as

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06/24/2019 - 22:54

Hello all, I am looking for advice as an American citizen looking to relocate to Italy. I am fluent in Italian having studied Italian in college and participated in a a year-long exchange program at an Italian university. I hold a master's degree in art history/museum studies and would be looking for work in a mueum or other cultural institution. Does anyone have advice for me as to how I might find such employment as an American? I understand that it is difficult but I thought someone might be able to share their insight or experience. One idea I had is to obtain a student visa and enroll in a course at one of the Università per Stranieri and look for employment while enrolled. Is this a viable option? Thank you in advance.



You have to try very hard to do that. But if you are fully educated and understand at least a little bit of Italian, there should be no problem. A master's degree is very good. I recently read "candide quotes" in Italian, I used candide quotes for that. I will say that I didn't understand a lot of it, so I had to go to a translator. The main thing is to know the language of the country where you're going. The job will find you later. By the way, you can be a very good translator. For example from Italian to English.