What are The Top Five Best Dog Breeds From Italy?

12/30/2020 - 13:41

What are The Top Five Best Dog Breeds From Italy?


1. Cane Corso.

2. Neapolitan Mastiff.

3. Bergamasco.

4. Bolognese.

5. Italian Greyhound.




I personally am a Bolognese fan. Just look at them how cute and fluffy they are. With such a breed, you won't have much trouble. I recently read about animal testing, you can view source if you want. As an animal advocate, I will not tolerate it. I don't understand people who do that. There has to be the slightest bit of pity for them.

I have always liked animals. Making videos about them is a pleasure. Once I was offered to shoot a skunk videos and I was immediately confused. This was unusual for me because I had never worked with such animals before. My friends came to the rescue and suggested me an interesting resource, the templates of which I used with pleasure. Any, even the most complex presentation will succeed if you use the accumulated experience of reliable resources. I was able to verify this on a personal example.