storage boxes

robert Image
04/27/2011 - 18:52

Does anyone know where online you can find heavy duty plastic storage boxes for stuff we want to put away for a time,preferably boxes you can stack on top of each other? I have found plenty in England but I need some now in Italy.


Thanks to Dylano and Sablanico. Will check out Amazon for sure. As for Obi I have now gone into the area for my local store and searched for contenitori in the shop but cannot find anything like boxes.

You could try             we have used them in the past, value for money varies from item to item, but orders are generally delivered by courier within 48 hours. Make sure you look at their 'gift' page! If orders reach a certain amount you can often claim a free gift, quality varies but we have been very lucky in the past! Here is a link to one of their 'contenitori' pages but there may be others