05/04/2011 - 12:34

Hi, I am shocked at the price of our gas from the bomolonne and want to get Italgas in fro all of the apartments.  I wanted to get in touch with Italgas but the number on the site is only for gas escapes and not available from outside Italy.  Have you any ideas on how to communicate with Italgas or experience of relative gas costs?



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Ok, now you are sitting down aren't you I spent about 10 days down there and my place is quite big with 140m2 with high ceilings but my bill was about 400 Euro.  Now i have 2 daughters so thats a lot of hot water and the rest of the building was empty but i was horrified.   Hence the change to Italgas.... BTW, it's Fabrizio (a bit quicker to type than TIL)

We are lucky to get away with less than 900 euros for a modest refill of our gas tank! Gas has got more expensive and the rate at which central heating can use it can be horrendous. We are just very careful with our use of this system. Incidentally if your area is prone to thunderstorms and you go away isolate your boiler from the mains as a nearby lightning strike can kill the circuit boards in modern boilers( I'm on to my 4th!)