Permanent Residency

08/04/2011 - 09:20

So now being in possession of our permanent residency, apart from health care issues (and the rather nice baseball hat from the Sindico) what other advantages can we expect ?.



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Penny, I'm confused by conflicting information re. permesso. It seems that this document is no longer required by EU citizens and therefore does not need renewing, however, I have also been told that if one already holds a Permesso di Soggiorno then it has to be renewed.  Do you know what the correct thing to do is ?

Strictly speaking it was called a carta di soggiorno for EU citizens and they used to last 5 years. If you had one (which no-one arriving now will have as the rules have changed) then you have to register as resident when it expires. Even if you are already resident you have to go to the anagrafe office of the comune and register as resident. If you have been here for more than 5 years then you should register as a permanent resident as Angie has done. If you dont have a carta di soggiorno then after 5 years of residency you have to go to the comune and register as a permanent resident the same. Does that explain it?

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Many thanks Penny, that has cleared up the confusion for me and others in the same situation. With regard to the health issues, my Tessera Sanitaria doesn't have an expiry date, so I suppose there would be no advantage to becoming a permanent resident ? 

If your tessera (this is the white slip of paper and not the blue plastic card) has no expiry date then becoming a permanent resident will not negate that. You actually have to become one at the end of 5 years or else you are not any type of resident as your 'temporary' residency for the 1st five years expires.