Buying Aluminium shutters in Umbria .Any suggestions as to who from and approx. cost

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08/16/2011 - 11:56


I'm not certain, but I think the glass merchants La Vela in Vitellino do these - if not they will give you a rec.  Alternatively there is a nice reliable company in Tavernelle - can't remember the name but they are on the rhs of the road approaching from Panicale. (Down a back alley). There is also Feral, close to Vaiano, but they are not (IMO) reliable. There is a big place just about opposite Pesciarelli close to Magione. The search in pagine gialle would be for serramenti in alluminio. Costs - circa €200 for a pair to cover a window 1m x 80cm. Not much more for a bigger window. I'm not snobby about aluminium, but I wouldn't use it if the window faces south or is subject to lots of sun: any metal shutter gets warm and radiates heat into your house, especially if it is of a dark colour, (absolutely not what you want!) but aesthetically the 'traditionally coloured' ally shutters are just about indistinguishable from their wooden counterparts (IMO)

Back in 2006 we had all the windows in our house in Umbria, which we were renovating, redone with double-glazing and aluminium shutters  with an imitation wood covering. The reasoning behind this was that we are not getting any younger and we had no desire to spend every spring redoing the paintwork. At the time 9 various size double- shutters cost us €3800 including placement and we have never looked back. Everyone, including my civil engineer brother-in-law, feels they need to touch them to check they are really NOT wood! The company was PLASTIFER di Vittori Pietro & C. snc– 06030 Montecchio di Giano dell’Umbria (PG)  P.I.02497790549                                     Tel. and  Fax (0742) 99109  -  E-mail : and they did a good job. Perhaps not cheap but, 6 years on, they still look brand new. The double-glazing means that even our south-facing windows don't radiate heat even in  full summer - as we have now! I have a picture of one but don't know how to post it!