Hot enough ?

07/07/2011 - 10:09

Well, early July, well into the 30s................anybody TOO hot yet ??S


I can cope with temperatures in the 30s as long as I'm in the shade with a drink and a breeze and nothing much to do. However, I still find the sun incredibly intense here and the humidity can be very unpleasant. So much so that I get very sweaty and uncomfortably hot if I have to do any sort of work outside in temperatures much over 20°. Summer is the season I enjoy least here. Al

Yes comments agreed with, the difficulties I have are how do I keep the triffids down ? The lawns (ha!).......that should be all one word by the way (lawns-ha!).........are drying out nicely so that in the next two weeks (whereby it is due to be getting even hotter), they can only possibly go a nice golden colour ! But the triffids keep growing ! Keep cool folks ! S  

.... have a go at the cool floor thing.... mop the floors with liberal ammounts of water.... when nearly dry open doors and windows long enough to blow out the saturated air.... remove shoes and enjoy

The beach is the place to be at the moment. Went down yesterday. Lovely light breeze, beautifully warm water. Bilss. However, you do have get into a warm car and drive there. Then you have to get into very hot car and drive back again. Still no pain, no gain as the silly saying goes.

OMG, by the time we left Sardinia on 25th June it was mid 30s and we were suffering a bit.  Is it normally a bti humid there or was there something a bit different about the weather this year?  A waiter was saying there was a mistral blowing, we were grateful for any breeze!  I think May is our month, though this year I believe weather in Europe was pretty poor in May this year. Back in North West Blighty it has poured all week, but at midday today it stopped, just as well as we have been to open air theatre, everything was perfect!  Count your blessing, you in the warmer climes.

Well PennyAW, I sympathise with the NW area, we lived in the Cheshire area before we escaped to here and the weather was often 'changeable' (I think the word is !) The Scottish Open was devastated this weekend due to torrential rain...........and I even heard that there was a HURRICANE in Bolton !!!! S

Oh I would LOVE a day like that here (but just a day !!), as we are being slowly 'cooked', I am becoming a slightly 'braised' colour .......and I don't sunbathe !!.............very worrying !!! Good luck with the cats (and the dogs !).............. S

Oh I would LOVE a day like that here (but just a day !!), as we are being slowly 'cooked', I am becoming a slightly 'braised' colour .......and I don't sunbathe !!.............very worrying !!! Good luck with the cats (and the dogs !).............. S

S Look on the bright side, it is 50* here in Kuwait today and will be 55 or 6 by late July and we don't have a nice cool glass of Verdicchio to cool down with....If only. The funny thing is, I have to be much more careful about burning in Umbria/Marche than I do here. Not sure if it is the dust/pollution or the inclination of the sun.  Still on KLM tonight for two weeks of heaven, Verdicchio safely to hand along with a nice glass of Sagrantino of course. C

Please keep the heat there for at least next week, minus clouds and storms.  I am flying out on Monday for a week for our village festa and after the dizzy heights of 17C today, cloudy and sunny, chilly tonight and rain due over the weekend, well I just want HEAT!!!! Maralyn

you wrote this on the 7th of july...for the last two weeks it's been cold and wet...tomorrow is the 29th of july..still raining  but ,apparently, around here(southern marche) it's not going to be nice until around wednesday...thats the 3rd....usually by around the 20th of august the weather starts breaking up with the first storms and the shorter days...more or less you can say it's the end of the feckin summer....

A  weather topic! Wonderful! Us Brits just cannot resist the subject. Mrs Mustard keeps me on a short lead these days, ever since that episode with the cleaner... so, not much weather finds it's way into my cell of a study. However, on high days and holidays she lets me out and I have noticed that the weather here is far more pleasant than ever I remembered it. I'm begining to be ever more strongly convinced of the "global warming phenomenon". While most of Italy seems to be these days wrestling with a capricious and unsympathetic climate, here in the South East of England we have been blessed with some very acceptable weather so far this year; so much so that all thoughts of a return to our gracious palazzo have been as short lived as the very few summer showers gardeners and farmers have been praying for in this green and pleasant land.

Let Autumn commence after we've been - leave Blighty on 9th Sept and arrive home on 25th with a wander through France on the way and Germany/Belgium on way home via Umbria, Lago di Garda and i Dolomiti. I can't wait - and we would love some warm weather coming from slightly damp mid-Wales - although has been nice and warm the last few days. must be a month since we had rain here, the 'lawn-ha!!' is looking very brown..............rain not really scheduled for the next two weeks here.................HOT !!S

We haven't seen temperatures below 30 degrees over night for the last week.  Harry (one of our dogs) has taken to sitting in the shower and waiting for me to turn it on.  He then stays in shower for several minutes until cooled off.  The other two dogs not so keen on water are struggling - having to put fans on the floor for them.  Thankfully the forecast is for temperatures to drop tomorrow.  In our experience it always drops a good 10 degrees first week of September.  I love September :-)  

Clever dog! I'm having a problem (first time ever) with a cat who is simply too hot to wash. She's getting on a bit, and a freindly neighbour overfeeds her so she is a bit fat, but although she continues rolling in the gravel she can't be bothered this week to turn the grey bits back to their original white. With any luck she'll remember about grooming soon as it is getting a little cooler. I have a very slick weather 'app' on the smartfone - but it is ridiculously optimistic about the temperature! 9am it says I'm going to get max 32deg, 10am it says it is 35 and going to be 36, noon it says it's 38 and going to be 39, after lunch it says it is forty. How useless is that..

All 3 of my dogs like fruit juice ice cubes.  I discovered quite by accident having dropped one.  Harry (the fussy eater) lay on the floor and sucked/ate it as it melted.  I then gave one each to both Flynn and Jake and they just crunched them up and ate them.  Thankfully we had a fairly strong wind last night which has true to forecast blown in some cooler air.  Still hot but bearable today.

Just been confirmed that we have had the wettest summer since 1906surprise So spare a thought for us. I refuse to turn the central heating on even though it is tempting. Just a spent a long weekend in the UK and it wasn't much better there.