move to UK.

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08/29/2011 - 12:15

As many of you know, having lived here for near 9 years, I am going back to my family in Norwich, Norfolk, within next 3 months.If anyone is moving out here and wants to reduce costs (ie I use empty van on its return to UK ) please get in touch.And, if any of you can recommend removal firms that would be great ! The firm I used to come here is no longer In business. thankyou, carolina



Carolina - Not sure where you are but we have used Euromanandvan several times for delivery and removal from us and our relatives in Bagni di Lucca.  You can find them by Googling or ring 07739401732 which should get Ian. I wish you joy in the next phase of your life. Can't say WARM regards from East Anglia!(more like winter here), but best wishes anyway.   Fabbriche

I can highly recommend Eurovanman, no messing, he found me in the mountains of the sele valley in a little village in Campania.  We have used him twice, the second time he forgot to pick up something, I phoned him and he came straight back for the item, he had been gone 20 mins.  Good luck with the move to the UK

Hi Carolina I hope all goes well with your move back to Norwich - "A Fine City" as they say!  I used to know it well as I lived in Norfolk for many years and still visit at least once a week when I am in the UK as my mother lives just outside Norwich.  Do let us know how you get on with the removal as the info would probably be of help to other community members. Best wishes.