Missing Mark this forum read" button

07/07/2011 - 21:10

Has anybody seen the "Mark forum read" buttonIt seems to have vanished with the latest updates.It's a real pain without it :o((



Hi chrisnotton, I do seem to recall this button some time ago(was it the old forum ?), but I have to say that I don't THINK that I ever used it. My normal practice on this forum is 'stay signed in' and have a link to 'new activity', that seems to stop me having to log in and secondly, I only see the activity by time, so the most recent posts are the first things that I see. It works great for me ! Good luck, S 

I've noticed the 'Mark all as read' button is no longer  there when you hit the 'unread posts' button - so you cannnot 'wipe out' posts that you don't want to read   A real pain when you've been away for a couple of weeks