Is it me or is the site really, really slow?

09/06/2011 - 16:08

I'm running the latest firefox but the website is painfully slow (and has been for a month or two) -any comments?



I looked at the licence a few months ago. I really can't be bothered doing it again but I think its has less than a year to run. Given that Ron, bought-was given from Poundbury on the demiss of the magazine and has not been on here for maybe two years, you can draw your own conclusions. (Val, Paz etc of the Poundbury staff, I believe are gone, (Great hotel room booking site though Ron.....or maybe not). Anyway, this forum is now a complete waste of time for me so logging off, deleting e-mail ping and goodbye. Best Wishes CB. ps, not going to but there is the temptation to use the f word or even promote the Scunthorpe problem. Bye, bye, bye.

I agree with Capo looks like the hamster in the wheel at the Italy Mag offices must have died as nobody is there to feed him...the slowest site I have ever come across (even with my 10 meg service when in the UK)....obviously Admin can't be ars3d to do anything about it as they are as slow as the site is ; if they exist at all...  

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For sure the site loads mega times better than it did 'last week'. Good. But the contemt has not improved (which is down to the users)

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Not meaning to be funny, but as a relatively new user, what did 'admin' used to do that we should miss them? I like reading what the rank and file have to say and did not know that there was a 'higher echelon' of management who have gone. As for slowness of loading... I just switch to another window to pass the time. Or maybe look out the actual window! Piano piano is a motto one needs to adapt in this area anyway. 

If this forum goes......... where else do folks visit? It is a bit of a pain when a forum closes down suddenly, not only do you lose all the useful archive postings but lots of friends too.  Pip pip