Re-registering a UK car in Italy

09/26/2011 - 11:05

As promised, a post that may be helpful to others. We bought a LHD UK reg car last year and are now trying to re-register it here. Fingers crossed we are all sorted now but we have had to jump a hurdle which we had not anticipated. Coincidentally the car had previously been Italian and then exported to the UK. Seems that the Italian process for exporting a car is much more onerous than in the UK. You must send back the actual targhe together with the carta di circolazione and €100 to the Italian equivalent of the DVLA in Rome who will then issue a document to confirm the export of said vehicle. The DVLA back in the UK should have waited for this document before registering it onto UK plates - which they didn't. Seems the targhe etc never arrived so as far as the Italian authorities are concerned the car was never exported. Upshot is we have had to make a 'Denuncia di smarrimento' for the loss of the plates (even though not our fault) and pay the €100 for the export. This is even before we have managed to re-register onto Italian plates. We were assured by the dealer in the UK that all the paperwork for the vehicle was sorted and we took him at his word. This is obviously the short version of this story! Upshot is do check that all export / import paperwork is complete before buying a LHD car in the UK.



I don't want to muddy the waters of this particular thread but we did also buy a second-hand car here.  It was advertised on and we went to Rome to buy it.  It wasn't overpriced and the transfer of ownership was pretty straightforward.  Doing it the Italian way isn't always a less desirable option.

Right now we are waiting to hear if the re-register of the car has gone through.  We've had to pay for its importation, and most likely will also have to pay back taxes for the previous owner, but we are hoping that at least we will be successful.  I really hope that we might be able to claim some of these monies back but the dealer told us 'to the best of his knowledge' all paperwork had been correct and up to date.  Obviously we should not have been satsified with this, and should have asked for some sort of guarantee, as there was no way of checking this info at time of purchase.  Personally I blame the person at DVLA in Theale who rubber stamped the import in the first place. angry I'll try to update here when I have some news.

Hi guys,

I have moved to Italy with my japanese import car, imported to the UK and registered in the uk but now in italy. It's a RHD Toyota Alphard 3.0 V6

I'm reading conflicting comments about registering here.

Can any one give me an A B C on what I need to do?

I spoke with an agency who said it's not possible to register a RHD here, another one said I need a COC certificate from Toyota in Japan.

I dont want to sell my car as it's my baby.....can anyone help?

I'm based in piemonte region up north.