Buying a scooter

10/01/2011 - 14:49

I know from reading the many previous posts that buying a car in Italy as a non resident seems nigh on impossible. We have a little holiday home high in the hills of Northern Tuscany and were wondering if it is possible to buy a Vesper or similar, for running about back and fore to town etc? The narrow streets would be easily accessible on two wheels! What's the situation re buying, taxing, insurance etc etc? Is it the same hassle as car buying or can we just buy one???Jan



Apparently it's the same with any motor vehicle I understand; not a hassle just a tad more expensive compared to the UK. Also depends on new or second hand and from dealer or individual...

We are in the same situation and have looked into it, and the same rules apply to a scooter as a car - it is nearly impossible. You have to be a resident to be able to recieve the mandatory license plate - Targa. You also need a drivers license for scooter, but in that case I think the rules are similar in a number of Euorpean countries.

I believe that a way around the residency is to pay a resident to buy, tax and insure the scooter, and leave it at your place. Then, as its the scooter that's insured and not a named driver, you and your family/friends could use all the time. [as long as they have an appropriate and valid driving licence from their home country] [I'm sure someone on this forum can confirm/deny this!]   Good Luck