Help please.

11/09/2011 - 14:55

I am appealing for help please. My great nephew 8 year old Jude is now really disabled with Muscular Dystrophy. He is a really happy little boy but due to his deterioration finding things to keep him busy is becoming more difficult. I started sending him some collections of special postage stamps and then postcards. He has really enjoyed starting a collection of both and this is of course something he can do in his wheelchair. He has started asking his mum each morning 'Is there any post for me?' He has been so thrilled to receive things addressed to him.If you could help make a little boys day a lot brighter please send a card to Jude Please send me a pm for the address.Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless. Joy xPS You can see pictures of Jude on Facebook 'Judes Trust'


Joy, it is a great idea and it works. I have done this with a few relatives and friends who have suffered strokes or similar illnesses. They all enjoy this, it makes them "travel" a bit with me and they look forward to receiving them. Please send me a PM with the address. I will certainly do it. I only hope that I will know how to write to a 9 year old!!!!! 

Without wishing to rain on your parade - I'm truly very sympathetic - please be very careful. Some years ago, a family started a similar request for their son, for business cards. It turned into a round robin campaign, and very quickly became a nightmare for them. It then morphed into a birthday card request, and the nightmare became worse, and the post office stepped in to intercept the mountains of mail, all this before the days of universal email, and Facebook etc. If it continues, try to keep it to your own contacts, because it could spiral. That said, best wishes to you and the boy.

I've still not received your PM Joy - although I have received quite a few other PM's recently, including one this morning - mainly from people wanting to know if I really am "Anastasia" and asking if I can breathe some life back into things.  I'll send you a PM and lets see if that kick starts your PM facility back into action.  Let me know if you receive it - or not.

From Wendy (Judes mum)  Jude has received lots of post in the last few days!!! Thank you for the fire fighter stamps, he really enjoyed looking at them. He has had a lovely letter and train post card from your friend Pam, he has had a post card from Josh and Max's grandma from St Lucia.He has had a post card from New Zealand from Craig and Isabel. He has a great card with a picture of a chimpanzee from your friend Penny. It is so nice of you to ask people to do this for Jude. It makes him feel special and he loves his collection he is building up. I am so grateful to everyone who has made the effort to send something to Jude. xxx xxx xxx Thank you so much Pam and Penny    Joy x

Alma. Thank you so much for letter and card.  Jude is feeling so special getting post. There has been some more post from names I do not know - so if I will say a big thank you to those that have sent to Jude. God bless you.  Joy x

Jude has received several cards from people who we don't know - possibly because usernames are not 'real' names.  So if I haven't thanked you personally may be you are in the above category!  He was especially pleased that a dog called Labrit had written to him and also a little boy called Jonny.  Thank you so much for taking the time - very much appreciated by all concerned.  Joy xx

"Labrit", the Basque shepperd dog is me, Joy. He is going to get another postcard from the "Pottokas" family, the Basque horses (who happen to be Labrit's friends... and mine). I thought that Jude would be happier to get cards from animals instead of someone he does not know. And the sealions from San Francisco will be writing to him in a couple of weeks, when I get there. I also hope to get a card of a grizzli bear in the USA.... Glad to hear that all this makes Jude happy.

Gala you are so very kind.  He was really tickled getting the card from Labrit - little boys really enjoy that sort of humour don't they. When I first thought of this I hadn't realised just how good it would be not only for Jude but his Mum - she has been suffering a great deal with depression, understandably, but with the kindness shown by complete strangers it is really helping her too. Joyx

Casa Monal Thank you so much for Jude's card.  He is so pleased getting post from different parts of the world.  He has said all the things he has received are his 'treasures'.  Thank you for being so kind. Jude has received several cards from people who I don't know  - so if I haven't thanked someone here personally it could be I don't know your name!  My nephew and his wife feel very touched by such generosity of people writing to Jude and so many have had such kind greetings on them.   Bless you. xx