Seed Potatoes from the UK....or am I a victim of EU policy....again...

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12/27/2011 - 08:56

Does anyone know of a company in the uk that exports seed potatoes to Italy. I want to try to grow sme English varieties in Italy and obviously you cannot get them from the feramenta's. They seem to have what they have but I want to try something different. Regards and Happy New Year to Everyone.



I had a quick google about, and found a site in the Netherlands who shipped EU wide (though they didn't have varieties like King Edwards), and another Scottish site which exported seed potatoes to anywhere in the EU (though it wasn't clear they'd do this on a retail level). So, it doesn't seem there is any 'law' which prevents you from getting UK seed potatoes shipped, although they may need to come from a source with a phyto.... (something or other!) certificate. Good luck.

i seriously think you're looking in the wrong places.You don't buy potatoes in the ferramenta go to your local agricultural consorzio.Ours sell at least thirteen different varieties including red potatoes, large belgian kennebeck,majestic, yellow potatoes etc ,it would be to totally uneconomical to cart 25kg sacks of potatoes around europe or have them sent out....just ask anyone for the consorzio agricolo you might be in for a pleasant suprise as ,if it's a good one you can get AND EVEN ORDER THINGS THEY HAVEN'T GOT quite easily.FOR EXAMPLE i quite like American sweet potatoes they're not even eaten around here but thru the consorzio they got them in for me at no extra cost .They are also the best (value) place to purchase potting soil, fertilizers,various kinds of weed killers,land things in general,seeds also they can procure things that people THINK you can't get in Italy (nonsense) like at least three varieties of red beetroot,parsnips,the list is long and remember avoid nurseries (except for buying flowers if you have to) in general

up to three years ago we were "under" the consorzio of Ascoli Piceno.Then they went out of business and the outlets all over were taken over by the consorzio of Forlì-rimini-cesena which has since expanded to become the consorzio agricolo adriatico.they have everything on computerized lists and since their arrival have been able to buy things that they don't do/eat/know around for example beetroot which is eaten a lot in romagna but not here.I think there'll be a consorzio somewhere around montegiorgio (as they are all part of the same organization now) your neighbour would be able to tell you exactly i'm sure.once you go ask if you can look down the lists of seeds for example on the computer, the parsnip which is far from unknown in italy it's just that it's eaten in "other places" not in the marche,is pastinaca (thats singular)...

We find all we need at the consorzio at Spinetoli, along the Salaria after Colli del Tronto (where we live) and just before Pagliare del Tronto. We only have a small garden but produce all we need including tomatoes, peppers, beans, cauli, cabbage and much more besides. Prices at our consorzio are ridiculously cheap. Happy New Year

Wow....what a good source of information however last year I remember going into my local Consorzio and they only had three varieties. This year I think I will ask what else I can order!! Mind you I have ordered things in the past and have waited 3 weeks only for them to tell me they can't get it!

From my own experience, local nurseries and seed stores sell what most people grow in the region; however, nothing wrong with experimenting with different varieties. Happy gardening!