Driving through France

01/04/2012 - 12:26

New regulations for those who drive down via France for 2012http://www.rivieratimes.com/index.php/provence-cote-dazur-article/items/...



very slightly different..(ok quite a bit different !) ..........having today returned from Bavaria............Just before I left, I filled the car with a tank of Deisel (140.9 per litre).................get home here to see that the price is 159 !!!!!!!!!!! Is this a new austerity measure ? S

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At this rate, my van will be up for sale soon, and I'll be out of business. Until recently I'd have laughed at the idea of filling up in France or Austria before piling into Italy. But I do it now. There's a Welsh crew that occasionally runs a Sprinter between Pembrokeshire and South-East France on chip oil, and famously boasted of doing the trip for seven quid. I'm beginning to see the point. Perhaps I should rejig my business plan with the use of an Ape at its core...

The movie watching regulation reminded me of the time a couple of years ago that we were driving from Paris to Milan. As we approached a car from behind (both of us travelling at somewhat over 100km/h) we noticed the lone drive had his window rolled down and his left leg was hanging outside the car. When we finally passed him the reason became apparent. It was to make it easier to prop up the book in his lap which he was reading. Wonder if the fine for hardcopy  would be less than for digital media.

Brother in Law was in France last week - I asked him to get me a kit as we're off to Italy this week - no kits to be had in Chemists - none expected for at least a couple of weeks. So he bought some for me on the Ferry on way back £5.99, just to be on safe side - although they shouldn't be imposing it for a while [but who trusts the French police that much?]

A friend of mine picked some up from the French equivalent of Halfords at a euro each. Apparently you need two, because if you are pulled up and fail the test, you can't move the car because it now has no breathalyser. But then if your wife/husband/significant other has also been drinking, you will need a third so you can phone a sober friend to pick you up. It's enough too make you sign the pledge. TK