Can anyone help...

01/07/2012 - 12:30

I have a good vacuum cleaner, but need an attachment that has a brush angled at 90degrees for cleaning the dust etc off the tops of umpteen beams.... Can anyone recommend such a thing ? Would be forever in your debt, as the dust is gathering !!!


If you have a local market try a look around there; our local(ish) one has a guy that sells all manner of Vacuum cleaner spares/bags/attachments. Failing that try and invent something using a bit of pipe and some gaffer tape.

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If cant market, have looked but seen nothing....Beams very high...6metres have made feather brush attatched to bamboo canes but neeed stiffer angled thing or cherry picker to get up there and sort !

I have used lengths of plastic plumbing waste (probably 38mm diam) to reach high beams as Badger suggests. The trick is to buy the brush end bit first, (you should be able to find something with close to a 90deg angle already on it) and then select or arrange your wastepipe to fit. Often a Hoover bit will fit inside the spigot end, sometimes the pipe will fit inside the brush bit. For lightness you might want to use the white cheapo waste pipe, but the heavier red pipe is usefully rigid and comes in longer lengths.

Try this - wont cost you a penny - it's what I do with my beams here in the UK - even though they aren't quite 6 metres high and it works. Get a ball of twine - chuck it over the beam - hold onto the "open" end - tie the end of the twine to one corner of a decent duster or cloth and another to the other corner of the cloth and use one to pull/lift the cloth onto the beam.  You can then pull the cloth back and forth along the beam to clean it by using both lengths. Hope that makes sense.