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I have a regular sum of money sent over from the UK every month. This month however the money left my UK account and has yet to arrive here in Italy (Banca della Marche). Apparently, Moneycorp require a 'SEPA' code, has anyone else have this issue ?S


Hi Sprostoni. We have just purchased our villa in Puglia and completed last month using Moneycorp to transfer the deposit and final payment. We never came across a 'SEPA' code during our transactions. Have you contacted them about what this code is? As we don't move into our villa for another couple of months I would be more than happy to ring them and enquire what this for you?

simonandjo & Carpe Diam, thanks a lot for the info and offer of help. Having spoken with Moneycorp, they have said that SEPA only came into play in December 2011. Bancamarche have explained that their individual branches do not have this SEPA code, so all transfers go to a 'general' pot (with a code ending 'XXX') !! I've no idea where my cash is at the mo..............angry S

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re the SEPA code..........this from the branch............ The code BAMAIT31026 is the swift code just for the Gualdo branch (Gualdo = branch n.026 in Banca Marche)and the code BAMAIT3AXXX is the swift code of Banca Marche SpA (without a specific branch = XXX). They are both good swift codes but the code for the single branch is not recognized by SEPA.   S

I will call her on Monday if things havn't been resolved to my satisfaction. I don't understand who/what went wrong...........I've been using Moneycorp for nigh on 4 years with no issues at all. Last month I was away all month so cancelled my regular transfer, so I may have missed something. I'm not sure if bancamarche should have told me about SEPA or should it have been Moneycorp? Whilst writing this.............I have just had a phonecall from Moneycorp and they are sending another transfer over using all of the 'new' details bancamarche have given me today. I have to say that they have been very good about it all (which I suppose they should be !)...............hey ho ! For those who have not sent money over for a while, you may just want to make sure the details are all ok! Thanks for all the comments and offers of help ! S

Have used Moneycorp for 6yrs, regular monthly transaction to Banca Della Marche....No problems until Dec. Money taken from uk account on the 4th, still not in local bank, Gualdo, on the 14th ! , usually takes 4 days.  Moneycorp claimed to have sent it but Bank Italy could not find it !!!!  Moneycorp then told me Italian bank no longer accepting 'Tempo' payments ?  Not so according to Samuella in Gualdo branch.....After alot of e-mails, phone calls and hassle Moneycorp agreed to send the money again (their money) so long as I would, if original sum turned up, let them know and credit it back to them.  After xmas had an e-mail from Moneycorp saying  my account with them was in credit for the exact sum that went missing.....ummmmmm, what to do now ?  Take the money and run ?