chiavetta - current pay and go deals

alexcal Image
01/22/2012 - 17:38

people here have posted similar questions but things change. i'm looking for a chiavetta to use when i visit italy occasionally, tried looking on Italian mobile phone sites but though I speak some Italian understanding the terms or even whether the contract is pay monthly is difficult to understand.please could members here who have purchased a chiavetta with similar circumstances to myself give advice? only want to check emails and surf and my wife wants to use social network to keep in touch with family in uk. Visit Italy several times a year for two – four week periods.My searching has found this deal:’d be interested to know what members here think of this or if they could recommend another and point out pitfalls if any.Thanks in advance.



Before you look at specific deals I would wait to see if you have decent coverage where you live here in Italy. It's not a given that all networks are equally good anywhere in the country.   If you don't have a regular place to stay then you might need to chop and change.  If you get an 'open' key then you can switch providers as often as you like.

Not wanting to confuse the issue, but... I have had good experiences using a mobile wifi device (known to the boffins as mi-fi). It's basically a portable router which gives you a wi-fi standard connection wherever you are. The key difference compared to a chiavetta is that up to five devices can access the web at the same time. So you can be in one room on a smartphone while the children/partner are on the laptop in another. At Easter we rented one from They post it out to you before your trip, you post it back on your return. Had it in my pocket wandering round Rome - with wi-fi access to Google Maps  on my iPhone. You can pay either for 100mb/day cumulative (ie unused data gets rolled onto the next days) or opt for unlimited which costs more. Two good things about this are 1) They are offering 30% off for summer bookings made before May 15 and 2) ifyou enter "tep 40" in the discount box you get another 40% off on top. It's another option if you didn't want to get into buying/recharging ItalianSIMs yourself. I think I may end up buying an unlocked mifi unit like the Huawei 586 then sticking an Italian data sim into it. Anyone else used Mifi in Europe/Italy? Mike