Codice Fiscale... I'm such a dink

02/05/2012 - 06:45

Sooo... I applied for my Codice Fiscale this summer with the Italian Embassy here. When I received my card (a few months later) I noticed they had my gender listed incorrectly, so we reapplied. NOW, after many legal documents have been processed [using my 'gender corrected' CF], I realise it should've been created using my 'maiden' name. I feel like such a dink! What do I do now? We've purchased a house and are going to start the process of applying for residency, etc... Do I need to apply for yet another corrected Codice Fiscale or should I just wait for someone to point out my mistake?Has anyone else ever done this?



What name is your passport in? My CF is in my married name and I have never had a problem - it matches my name on my passport and we have taken out residency etc etc without any difficulties whatsoever. I would imagine it would be a problem if passport and CF don't match but if they do then I would not worry.

Assuming your passport (which is the most important document of your identity) is in your married name, you have got the most useable CF. Believe me, I received a CF many years ago in my maiden name, and it has been a complete nightmare because that isn't the name on my passport. Forget the maiden name stuff, the CF must match the passport to avoid confusing the bureaucracy!

@ getset.. Thanks! I noticed this door in tucked in a small alley in San Quirico d'Orcia. The entire village is a dream.  Definitely worth multiple visits.