Is it snowing yet?!

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02/02/2012 - 07:41

I have been scouring the online weather forecasts and they seem to be forecasting a lot of snow particularly around central Italy. Is there any in Marche?


There was a bit in Capodimonte VT yesterday morning 1/2/12 but it soon disappeared according to my neighbour who phoned yesterday pm.  Also my friend who lives nearby in Canino posted a photo of her back garden / fields yesterday  - snow covered fields and garden and bright sunshine.

SanSeverino - schools (in San Sev) are closed today and tomorrow - at the very least.About a foot or so or snow (more where it drifts). We're about 10 km from San Severino about 500m up. The roads in the villages around here have been ploughed, but as it keeps snowing, it doesn't do much good. Apparently the provinciale road is icy and unpleasant (we wouldn't know - we can't get there to try it.)Are you planning on coming out? As far as I know, airports are closed at Falconara and Pescara, though Bologna has opened. All the officials are urging people to stay put and not travel unless they have to. It should all be back to normal from about Weds onwards.Meanwhile, if you are who I think you are (and you have the house above ours!!) all seems fine. We even still have a phone line, power and water, though the track down is pretty much impassable unless you're on a tractor.

The schools in Rome were announced as closing for 2 days....then we waited and waited for snow thinking it was a big exaggeration, as here near the coast in Ostia the temperature seemed to be a bit warmer, but we then saw pictures of the snow-covered Colosseum and this morning we woke up to a white garden!! Never seen that in 10 years of living here! 

Blimey, our cat doesn't like snow when it is three feet deep ! Our Comune have been in touch twice now asking if we are alright, if we need bread, medicines or anything else. They've also have had a digger down our track twice to give us a chance to get out. How good is that? S

not WW1 ..but the Marche today.It's Sunday...i spent all day yesterday clearing snow pathways to get around the house and more importantly get to the wood pile.Today it starts all over again we now pass in trenches just measured at 1 metre 70cm no where else to throw the snow....the snow plough comes more or less once twice a day but it keeps on long as electricity/water don't give up we're ok but it's very hard and since my snow chains broke trying to get out of a drift ..can't get out at the moment. we'll see what happens next..interestingly enough we do not hope that it will suddenly warm up (as has happened in the past) because it could cause devastating land slips..

sebastiano........... Likewise, trenches all around our house, our woodpile accessible. Sorry to hear about the snow chains, you're not the first to suffer with this problem. It LOOKS like we are over the worst (??!!),forecast here (as of today) is cold but sunny,so we might get a slow thaw. S

I watched (on TV, that is smiley) the rugby from the snow-covered pitch in Rome - brrrrr! Reminded me of when I was made to play at my school in Redcar in the teeth of Winter. Terry

Still snowing here in Marche, over 70cm and have not been out since Feb 1st, the snow plough comes down but piles the snow into our drive-way the car is under that somewhere. Trenches to the shed and woodpile, but had to be dug again after the overnight snow and drifting. Not much fun, but we were well stocked up with provisions and Robert is able to walk up to the village. Others I know are in a much worse position, their village too far to walk or are in failing health and could not make it anyway. But have had kind offers of help and we are all keeping a weather eye (hollow laugh) on each other....abet by phone and email.

I hope this link will take you to the Flickr page for the school of journalists in Urbino. They have been out and about snapping the snow, and some of the shots - particularly of central Urbino - are quite amazing: snow in the streets up to the top of entrance doors etc. Eerily beautiful, but somewhat inconvenient.

Filide the photos are almost unbelievable.  Thank you for posting this link.  The last time I can remember having experienced snow like that was when I was at primary school in the late 1950s in East Anglia. It is good to hear that some of the local Comuni have helped with snowploughing tracks to your houses and generally finding out if you are all right and have food etc and that there is a general sense of community making sure that people are all right.  We have heard from friends in Northern Lazio that they too have been snowed in  by deep snow and drifts. We have had nowhere near the amount of snow here in NE Herts - a good fall last Saturday night and a further inch or so on Thursday but that is all.  However, as in the Midlands, La Dolcevita, and in Italy, the temperatures have been well below freezing.  Looks like it is going to warm up a bit here - ie not below freezing, for the next few days at least.