Holiday House Insurance

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02/24/2012 - 05:44

What companies do people recommend for 'buildings and contents' holiday house insurance? Our premium goes up and up with Saga and we are wondering if there is another company we should try.


...............Robertson McIssac. This is who we use and although we have never had to make a claim, so do not know how they would be in that situation, we have always found them very efficient in all other dealings and are reasonably priced too. They also cover for earthquakes. Here is a link to their page -

Hi - I use Intasure as I like to see the policy in English.  There are conditions regarding leaving the place unoccupied in the winter but these applied to other insurances as well and were common sense (especially given the recent weather!).  Their web address is

In general insurance companies will not cover you for earthquake damage in the whole of Italy. Apparently some do but you must ask the question! We use Saga who seem OK but then you have to be of a certain age I think.