03/19/2012 - 11:46

Afetr 4 years of 'bliss' (!?!) here in Le Marche, I recently took my four year old car for it's first revisione. A few hours later, I got back the paperwork, with an appropriate stamp. paid the due fees (65euros ?) and off I went.I then thought, what is it that they actually check? There appears to be some lights and brakes wording, but in the UK (I KNOW I am not there !), it was very much spelt out what would be checked. Is there a list somewhere here that I can check for next time (2 years !),Thanks in advance,S


Found this on the web - hope it helps   "If you have a car which is more than 4 years old, at two year intervals you have to pass your 'Revisione'. The cost is about €50 euros. The REVISIONElasts about 30 minutes and the following SHOULD be checked: Documents of the vehicle Registration plates Vehicle Identification Number Brake efficiency Exhaust emissions: Carbon Monoxide (CO); Hydrocarbons (HC) Lighting equipment, stop lamps, reflectors and direction indicators  Driver's view of the road: Mirrors Wipers and Washers Windscreen Seat belts Tyres Exhaust system Doors Horn Steering Vehicle structure Presence of spare wheel; warning triangle Lights Brakes Tyres Exhaust emissions Horn" The article went on to say that in practice, often only a cursory check of lights, brakes etc is made    

The Revisione at best round here seems to be .... switch lights on, beep horn, check boot for triangle, look at vehicle documents and turn on wipers. Rub of chin whilst he looks around car..... you give him 60 euro and on your way in 10 minutes...

Took my car for its revision. It took longer to fill out the paperwork and receipt for payment than it actually took to 'revise' the car. However, when you see some of the wrecks that travel around; particularly in rural areas, are you surprised? Nothing to do with this topic, however; Always makes me smile when we see the very elderly couple; plus at least one dog; crammed into the cab of an Ape on their way to market / Mass, oblivious to any other vehicle on the road.