Regulations for renting property

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04/01/2012 - 17:37

Hi all,Im hoping some kind soul can point me in the right direction to find out the rules on opening a B&B in Le MarcheIve been advised by a comercialista that the best way to rent my home is on a B&B basis, because I live on site!I wonder if anyone knows if there are other options, because I have a fear that there may be a lot of regulations attached to B&B, as opposed to merely renting the property out for a couple of months a year. But whatever option I use, I presume there is a list of requirements or regulations somewhere. Perhaps with a bit of luck online! Molto Grazie in advance (-;.


Actually renting out as a B&B is probably the most redtapeless way to do it.  All depends obviously on your province and their regs- but a B&B doesnt require you to have a partita IVA, doesnt require telephones, cooking facilities etc in the rooms.  You can really just open up, and declare it on your tax form - as well as deduct your running expenses. ... 

Yes there are a load of regulations but they're not too onerous and there are some advantages to B&B which is why your comercialista probably suggested it.  Go to the person at your comune who is responsible for commerce / new business and they should give you some guidelines. The rules vary from region to region and probaby from province to province too.

As far as I know the regulations for B&B stipulate 3 bedrooms for rental as a maximum although 4 are tolerated.  The process is pretty red tape free fro Italy.  I have some very organised Swedish clients who bought one of our apartmetns and who also set up a B&B in another village last year  I can ask them if they would be prepared to meet you for a chat.  They are vey nice and may be helpful to you in saving time getting up and running for this season PM if you would like me to introduce you

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Ciao All, Thanks for taking time out to help me. I had heard some rumours about certain regs, i.e minimum size rooms & minimum headroom, & problem I may have with staircase etc etc.  Im just hoping that if certain rooms dont comply, I can just ask for those rooms to be omitted from the scheme & I hope that the rooms that dont comply, dont stop me from getting the general permission. Anyway, I would very much like to buy the swedish folks a coffe or vino & pick their brains for 20 minutes if they acceptable to a meet!. All the best Danno  

Maximum size of B&B varies according to province - down here there are some with 12 beds - its more on the services you provide.  Generally speaking a double bedroom should be 18mq, a single 12mq. Minimum height is an average of 2.42.   (but this is not hard and fast).    Its more to do with windows - a room must have a window of certain size.  Its to stop people renting out the cupboard under the stairs.  Disabled rooms/baths are bigger.   If you want to get in on your provincial approved list you will have to comply with all their requirements - (which are never ending).  The local APIT should have a list and a form.