Advice for Good Restaurant/Agriturismo/Trattoria in Montalcino

04/05/2012 - 12:25

HI There,I will travel next week to Tuscany, to be more precise Montalcino (around 1h from Siena). Can anyone recommend a good restaurant/agriturismo in this area? (max. 20/25 min. drive from Montalcino)We would like to eat well (of course!) and spend no more than 30 Euro pp (drinks/wine incl.) - Grazie!



When Mrs Mustard and I last visited Montalcino we ate in very good restaurants in Montalcino called Grapollo Blu &  Rei di Machi. The costs from what I remember were quite moderate. We also loved the small town of Pienza and the amazing balcony bar with it's panoramic long-distance views and romantic sunsets. Mrs Mustard also liked San Quirico, though I can't ever remember eating there. We loved the Montalcino area and also visited the Castello Banfi restaurant and winery although I don't recall much about that visit as I had rather a field day at the tasting bar. Montepulciano is also well worth a visit although we didn't visit any restaurants, there is a rather lovely Belle Epoque bar patisserie and I'm guilty of another short tasting session in the Enoteca, which I think might have been run by the local comune, in underground cellars in the main square. We were there for Montalcino's famous archery contest which although was very exciting and colourful, with all the medieval costumes, was completely out-shone by the post-contest celebrations, with hoards of the winning team's supporters gleefully carousing in the streets on the very best Montalcino vintages. I have never seen so many drunken Italians, in public and on the streets.                                                                                                            M.                       

My favourite restaurant in all of Tuscany is in Montalcino. Just down from the castle at Nr 32 (I think Via Ricasoli) is Osteria Di Porta Al Cassero. It is not fancy, just a very small restaurant. Very authentic Tuscan cuisine.  I had the best rabbit and also a fantastic mushroom soup. We went back last year to try it again but were there before it opened and couldn't wait as we had other commitments. We go again in the fall and I will dine there this time. Have a great trip! PS: Prices were very  reasonable ( both food and wine)  check out the reviews on Tripadvisor