Update on petrol prices for anyone driving over.....

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04/19/2012 - 09:39

I drove back from Puglia last Sunday/Monday (15th/16th april). Average prices per litre (in euros) were as follows :Italy 1.85 - 1.92Austria 1.54 - 1.59Germany 1.65 - 1.75Holland 1.77 - 1.87Diesel prices for all countries are slightly lower.Autostrada tolls have also increased since my last driving trip over which was in 2009. 2009 toll from Brenner to Bari was 56 euros. 2012 price is 68 euros.I wont be driving down again anytime soon...!



The amount of taxes we are all having to pay is outrageous, the oil and utilities companies make BILLIONS in profits, we pay taxes when we earn our money and then pay loads more taxes when we spend the already taxed leftovers.......especially on fuel, airport taxes toll charges etc etc! grrrrr! crying drives me nuts ! S

And theres another 10 cents a litre possible if theres a disaster and the Protezione Civile need more dosh.  WHat I dont understand is that we're still paying 40 lire a litre for the war in Abyssinia - dont you think someone needs to be told its over? 

Horrendous though the price of fuel is..... I've just done the following rough and probably self-delusional calculation, based on a 2400 mile round trip over 30 days, and excluding any mileage between arrival at the house and departure, which has to be paid for however I get there. Flying: 360 mile round trip to Stansted (yes I know, there are alternatives)......£60 Parking at, say £8pd                                                                          £248 Car Hire at, say £21pd                                                                       £630 Flights x 2 ...who knows?                                                                  £150 Total                                                                                               £1088 Driving 2400 miles @38mpg x4.4x,say 1.9 per litre= E528/1.2=                  £440 Return ferry                                                                                  £80 Hotels x 2   there and back                                                             £250 Austrian & Italian tolls          about                                                  £65 Total                                                                                            £835 Now I'm not an accountant, so there will be no prizes for spotting any errors in my calculations, and I know I haven't factored in anything about depreciation, wear and tear, and the general costs of running a motor, but nor have I taken account of what I regard as the clincher for the driving argument, which is (apart from not flying Ryanair) the vast savings to be made on bringing back 10 litre boxes of Montefalco at less than Euro 20 each. And it is surprising how many of them a modest family saloon can accommodate. In between coffee, oil, and the odd terracotta pot or two. And finally, flyingveepixie, how was the Brenner and/or the fernpass just now? I'll be doing it soon, and could do without snow.

Hi fweather, Brenner and fernpass were fine both on the way and coming back although it was snowing this side of the fernpass on monday. It didn't come to much though and changed to rain about 20 minutes north of Fuessen so no big deal really but perhaps a bit dicey if you don't have winter tires on the car. I was just looking at your little calculation there and would add the possibility of "cheap" train travel to stansted as an alternative to driving and parking. My wife and kids did Newcastle - Peterborough then Peterborough - Stansted this time round and the return tickets cost about £80 for all 3 of them with our railcard. You still have to factor in a night at the radisson though unless you're prepared to crash on the benches in departures. That cost us £66 on a special offer. There are no tolls in austria for cars apart from the brenner autobahn which will cost you 8 euros. It's been that price for years - good old austrians, no nonsense with them.  Here's a tip, if you're going that way, don't turn off at the little roundabout which points you to Innsbruck. Go through it and continue on to Telfs and join the Autobahn there. There is a cheap little filling station on the right hand side of the road just after the village of Barwies where I filled up my tank for 1.51/litre ; it gets more pricey when you hit the autobahn.

Thanks for that, flyingveepixie, I think for me, what it really boils down to is that i quite like the drive, and seem to prefer queues on German autobahns to the scrum at Stansted. Surprised there weren't more mistakes in my sums really. The amount I put in for Austria was for the 8 day vignette x2, I'd forgotten about the Brenner toll. And I think I know the petrol station you mention at Telfs. Quite close to a cafe which does reassuringly expensive kase-kuchen. I hope the weather is kind to me next week, but I do remember going over the Brenner a couple of years ago, the day after midsummer's day, and it was 2 degrees and snowing. Me naturally in shorts and sandals!!

For us it is still cheaper to drive down with our car, leave the car at our house near Cassino (Lazio) for the months we will be visiting until October and then drive back to the UK with it then. Ron, my husband, drove down this past week. We live in the northeast of England and have found the worse part of the whole journey is actually from here to Dover/vice versa.  Last year it took us 10 hours, due to traffic jams and accident, to  get home from Dover so we have decided to go on the Newcastle to Amsterdam overnight ferry and at least get a night's sleep before the driving starts. The fare was £158 for the car and cabin, more or less the same as going last year.  Ron then takes power naps at various times and sleeps in the car en route for a few hours during the next night and arrives at our Italian home about 26 hours after arriving in Amsterdam.  (It is an estate car and the seats recline right down). We used to hire cars but after being conned out of money for late pick up on one occasion and apparently no petrol in the car on another, both TOTALLY untrue and unable to get our money refunded to our credit cards, we decided to do the spring to autumn journies in our own car and have the car available for us and our family and friends to use. The house is used most weeks from April to October. It is an 8 year old Vauxhall and serves us well.  We fly from Newcastle to Rome and get the train to Cassino. No problems. In todays paper it mentioned the scams car hire companies are now doing charging almost double again in the country where the rental  car is hired, the money being debited from the compulsory credit card details. It said the main scam was to do with petrol and the huge excesses they put on, falsely. It suggested people be very aware and make sure the rental company are totally honest with them when booking in the UK. This is all well and good but our experience was with the rental company in Italy who deducted money from our account without even informing us. We had to find out ourselves what the deductions were all about when we saw them on our credit card statements. When trying to pursue the issue with the UK companies, they weren't interested. Ron did say he was shocked when he filled up at an Esso garage just south of Rome to find that it was over E190 a litre.  He did wonder why there were no other cars at the garage and has since been told that the Italians are avoiding Esso garages as they charge the most. (I think he said Esso).  All in all we have worked out the cost of us taking the car and flying to and fro and we find it is still the cheaper option compared to hiring a car - and you still have to put petrol in that and perhaps get conned!  Maralyn

I've been there too Maralyn. The last time I hired a car in Italy I was charged 38 euros for the priviliege of dropping off the key out of hours in the little returns box at Brindisi airport. I was also charged 32 euros for missing petrol even though the tank was full. That's 70 euros in total for nowt. How can they continue to get away with it..?

Isn't it strange flyingveepixie, that the amounts they charged me, and you, were similar amounts, ie about E35 to E40+.  This isn't a huge amount compared with the amount of time it took to get to speak to someone to sort it out and ultimately get nowhere.  Small enough to say "sod it, I won't bother raising my blood pressure any more trying to sort this out". One company was Hertz and the other Autoeuropa.  I also hate the fact they have all my credit card details, what with all the scams regarding credit cards that go on these days. Maralyn

We drive down for holidays every year and much prefer the freedom of having our own car. Saving our pennies for petrol this year as have just got an 8yr old S type Jag!! However the comfort and the space for wine purchases will make the pain of the petrol costs worthwhile.