Anyone need a tin garage?

04/21/2012 - 09:39

Well, nearly at the end of our  build and down to the nitty gritty bits. It seems that the venerable (and very ugly) corrugated iron garage that was on site when we bought is not acceptable. Does anybody want one - assuming it is alright for them to have one?  We think our builder might be looking at it but would welcome any other interest. On another topic entirely -should I do a different post? - anyway, we need a nice looking wardrobe, ideally something that comes apart as we have to haul it up through the first floor window. Spiral staircases are a bit restrictive, but we managed to drag our chest of drawers up through the window so almost anything is possible. As I said, nearly at the end now - just have to have a handicapped parking space to comply with regulations, and hopefully we will get permanent electricity supply any day now!! May have heard that before though.   The community has been a great source of information and comfort over the years and the latest discussions on tax, inheritrance etc., will now become very pertinent.   Lets hope for a great summer. Ciao Fabbriche  



Concerning the wardrobe, antique ones always come apart, but you would be paying a fortune and they are not the best for storage. the ones that you can purchase at both IKEA or Mondo Convenienza come in boxes and they need to be assembled. And give the tin garage to the builder.....

Thanks Gala,   Will definitely look at the two recommendations.   As to the shed, both you and Fileda are right - it isn't that I don't want him to have it, but I suspect he may not really want it - hence spreading the net wider. Shamefully, after ten years in the building and all that to-ing and fro-ing, we still don't have enough Italian to ask around locally.   Hey ho.   Fabbriche

You'll find that in the Bagni Di Lucca comune there are limits on the number of Garages that are allowed in a village or Hamlet, so guard your allocation  well as I think if you live in an area that has reached its allocated numbers (I do) then it is impossible to get permission for another.

That is interesting Flip. I think I have not explained myself very well!  It is not we who want to get rid of the garage. Our geometra/architect has said from the start that the structure, left by the previous owner would have to go when the project was finished. Whether this is because the previous owner did not have permesso we don't know. Geometra says we could probably have a wooden shed somewhere else so really not sure of the thinking behind it.  Whaever happens, we will need some storage. Perhaps we should ask for more details - and not accept fate quite so readily! As always, you lot know your stuff.   Thanks   Fabbriche